Saturday, October 15, 2011

June-October Updates

I feel so lost and confused. I have never felt this way before. It feels like there are way too many life-changing decisions to make in a short time span. One wrong move and it will change my life 360 degrees. Not knowing what i want in future make things even more difficult.

Should i accept the job in USA?
Should i accept the job in Zurich and not go back to my loved ones?
Should i reject the offer in Zurich and look for a job outskirt of Zurich?

I thought choosing a dissertation topic was tough but this.. this would determine what my future's gonna be like. One wrong mistake and it will be a disaster. Okay fine, i might be exaggerating. I'm only saying this because i always used to know where i'm heading or going with my life. But i don't know anymore now and yeah, I'm bloody freaking out!

Mainly because I just hate how things would turn out unexpectedly. I never liked surprises or unplanned things in my life- minus the good birthday surprises ;) Well, i'm just not that type of girl that can spontaneously pack her bags in one night and venture into somewhere and start looking for a job or earn a living by the streets. I'm also not that type of girl that muddles along with her life, waiting for money to drop from the sky or a miracle to happen. Thats why i hate working with laid-back people. I hate it when they always tell me "relax, everything is gonna be ok" or "relax, everything's gonna fall into place". Like seriously? Nothing's gonna fall into place if you don't plan and prepare! And you will damn know that i'm right when it happens!

Dissertation and tons of reports are killing me slowly as well. I just feel so tired this semester. Let's just say, luck is not on my side this time. I'm practically forced to carry two huge handicapped groups on my shoulder and let me tell you, this burden weighs a ton! No, i'm not gonna say more about it because everyone can crystal-clearly see whats exactly happening.
Lesson learned: Don't be too hardworking because people will notice. And when they notice, they tend to take advantage on you i.e. rely on you for everything. Well, you can say that it's good from one perspective because since you do all the work, you get all the knowledge. Coz lets face it, teachers are not blind. They know you do all the work. You get recognition and the others don't. On the other hand, it's not so good as well because you're being bullied indirectly by doing the work for them. To relate to what i've just said, it actually depends what type of person you are.

Yeah, first few paragraph into my dusty old blog has been nothing but complaints after complaints. On a brighter note, i've been travelling a lot this second half of the year. Thanks to all the money that i've earned, i could live comfortably and also managed to take some leisure trips to a few neighboring countries like Milan, London, Budapest and Munich. Lets just say, i'm just making use of my time here in Europe :) It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Oh, do you know i'm also an opportunist? I grab one whenever i see one - of course it doesn't apply to e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g

Apart from travelling, i've been actively attending my uni's events too like Hollywood Night, International Night, some fieldtrips and i was busy organising a wine event too, which turns out to be a success :) Thank god!

Went to Milan and it was the best pistachio ice cream i've ever tasted! I'll be going again in December. Bad thing is, it will be winter ><

In Milan as well, i tasted one of the best sushis! That was lobster sushi and omfg, it was sooo good! Great service and ambiance too.

Another reason we went to Milan was to shop. But of course, Prada was not within our budget. This is just a picture of us standing in one of the oldest Prada shop in Italy.

A week after that, i went to London to visit my family, to attend my brother's graduation actually. Congrats kor!

Catched up with my sisters and gossiped a lot! Fool around and talk lots of crazy things too with her. Sigh, i miss her so much!

My mum was as pretty as ever.

No matter how old i am, I will always be daddy's princess :)

Had some really good food in London and damn, so cheap!

Then during semester break, we went to Budapest in Hungary.

It was also known as the city of healing waters. This was one of the oldest Spa and Thermal Healing resort in Budapest. We really pampered ourselves to the max here.

Then it was IMI's 20th Anniversary. The theme was Hollywood night and my girls and i decided to dress up as Charlie's Angels :D

One of my favourite costumes there was Avatar. Omg, they spent like 6 hours painting their body and all of us were so impressed! I voted for them for best-dress.

Not long after our mid break, we went on a roadtrip to Munich in Germany for Oktoberfest!

Yeahhh.. whats oktoberfest without beer in a giant mug? ;)

Of course, whats Oktoberfest without great friends around?

There were lots of crazy people with their traditional oktoberfest costumes. We went on several rides, drank QUITE a lot and ate lots of burgers and steaks. There were all so cheap! Like really cheap!

A random picture of hayley and myself in their hats :)

We're all happy people :) With troubles hidden behind the smiles.

Came back not long after that, it was International Night. And so, i put on my lovely cheongsam!

The hongkies decided to wear their military uniform. Look how cute are they..

A full length of myself in cheongsam with Hayley.

This picture was taken when all of us came back from our internships in July. Went to Zurich for a sushi dinner and ice cream, to celebrate our '1 year' of friendship =)

Yes, another casual trip down to Zurich again for sushi :) Awww, how i love you girls so much..

Then, the big day of my wine event arrived. I had butterflies in my tummy throughout the event, finger crossing that everything would be alright.

It was a full-house! More people wanted to come but we're sorry, we're full.

My events group and volunteers for our event.

Christoph organised a BBQ dinner and oh, the steak and chicken was soooo nicely marinated! It was nicely grilled too as the steak and chicken was so juicy and finger licking good! :D

Went to Busker's Bern Festival where the churro's there was fantastic! Love the combination of churro's, cinnamon sugar and vanille creme.

On Viet Anh's birthday, we decided to surprise him with a cake and cooked him a nice dinner.

Went to SuisseEmex, a marketing and communication trade show. Something similar to Zagg or Food Hotel Malaysia.

The very first group picture of this semester. That was when we all came back to school from our internships. We went to the Blue Ball's to celebrate our 1 year of friendship in Switzerland :)

I wish i can put up more pictures, only if i am given more hours in a day. I wanted to write a post not about my updates but simply to vent my frustrations. Then i thought, why not just update a little more about my life in Switzerland for the past 4 months?

And wow, looking at the pictures, i can't believe so much had happened within just 4 months.

Time flies and i'm scared. I really wish time would just stop and let me sort out my confusions before it starts ticking again.

But you and i both know, it's impossible.

Good night world.

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  1. Hi darling, although there are a lot of obstacles along your way to graduation but trust me, at least you overcome it and that matters. remember ma, whatever does not kill you only can make u stronger. btw, there is a blackman beside your sister when ur taking picture together hehehe

    love all your smile and im glad u go switzerland and study. muaxxxx

    good night sweet moo