Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jogoya @ Starhill

Being a sushi fanatic, i think it's time for me to do a review on my favourite sushi eatery. I've been trying out different japanese restaurants for the past 5 years or so and figure that it would be great to pen down my opinions on food, another word: Food Review. I have never really done a proper food review in my entire 7 years of blogging. I shall start with the best Japanese Buffet Restaurant. (Not my favourite sushi eatery but that will be my next post :))

To the best of my belief, Jogoya @ Starhill is the only Japanese Buffet Restaurant that i'm satisfied with so far (in terms of price and food quality). For daily rate, dinner cost RM88++ while lunch cost RM77++. I went during ladies promotion in December with my mum and sister whereby ladies get 50% discount. The 3 of us cost RM152 in total. To me, it was a real bargain! It was donwright cheaper than Shogun, Taoz or even Daidomon that cost you easily RM65 nett per person! So ladies, do look out for their promotions because without it, you will have to pay around RM102 nett each... which i think isn't worth it because they serve the same selection of food with or without promotion. Occasionally they have the buy 2 free 1 promotion too.

Anyway, speaking of the quality of the food. During Japanese buffet, i usually only take fresh oysters, sashimi's, certain side dishes, appetizers and tempura.

Let's start with Sashimi's...

I gotta say Jogoya serves really fresh Sashimi's. I like how the salmon's are thickly sliced. Tuna and squids are fresh too. I like to start my buffet with sashimi and usually will not eat other food unless i'm done with eating Sashimi. Very fussy hor? I don't know why, i just like it that way. To me, other food like tenpura, oriental dishes or even other japanese side dishes all have very strong flavors which will affect my taste buds, thus make me can't grasp fully the delicate flavor of sashimi.

For appetizers and side dishes, they have quite a wide range. The only few that i always take, in any Jap buffet, are Wakame (green jelly-like seaweed), Kurage (jellyfish) and Chuka Idako (baby octopus).

Oh and they served really fresh oysters too. They're not as big Tenji's palm-sized oysters (which btw, wasn't true to what they've advertised and it wasn't fresh at all. Had a bad experience there at Tenji). But Jogoya's oysters were undeniably fresh and i always like them with some oyster vinegar sauce.
My way of digging in the oysters: I like to cut the abductor muscle first, then spoon some oyster vinegar sauce on it and slide it down from the shell to my mouth... Hmmmm... describing it makes me hungry...

Moving on, i tried their tempuras and they were pretty good. Batter was fluffy and crispy. It was nicely deep-fried as it wasn't chewy and you can still taste the freshness of the shrimp. I like to dip my entire tempura in Tentsuyu sauce (some traditional sauce for tempura) but my mum was so cute, she took tomato sauce instead (see picture above). I was speechless, well she must have thought it was the same with eating fried chicken or something. We couldn't stop laughing for awhile. Till today, it tickles my funny bone every time i think of it. I adore her to the max :)

One thing about Japanese Buffet Restaurants these days, they don't serve Unagi's anymore! I used to dine in frequently at Shogun (at Sunway Pyramid) and they used to serve Unagi Kabayaki. Till about 2 years ago, they stopped serving! Even in Jogoya, they only serve you if you have the VIP card. My mum had it, so we ordered and the portion was huge! Tasted good, too :) If you plan to make a visit to Jogoya, you can, in actual fact borrow the card from someone and present it upon arrival.

My sister and I got addicted to their coconut. My advice, don't drink too much. Makes you full quickly because they're pretty sweet. Also, difficult to stop once you've taken it.

Since i am not a fan of oriental chinese dishes in Japanese Restaurant, i didn't try many. I had a bite of almost everything there though. All i can say is they were average only lor and some were below average. Black pepper lamb tasted horrible, cod fish was alright, escargot was below-average (prefer baked cheese escargot), steam pomfret was average, curry crab was below-average, BBQ chicken was pretty good and that's about it. They have dim sum corner, herbal soup section, steamboat counter, dessert area and a special area for tea too.

To sum up my experience in Jogoya Starhill:
Quick replenishment, overall good service, good quality of japanese food, wide variety of oriental dishes but tasted below-average, nice ambiance but a little too dim but worth the money overall :D RM50 per person only lehhh... usually RM102!

Price (thumbs up), Quality (thumbs up) = Satisfactory

My companions for the day, cute sis and pretty mum.

Beh tahan... ate so much, i looked like a pregnant lady..


  1. Sui cow, eat sushi i never hear u complain much even though is from those sucky sakai sushi, sushit king and other commercialized sushi. I think next time, when ur not in mood, just take u to sushi already won half the battle rite?

    hehe sui cow, i believe in ur previous life, ur a japanese sushi princess but like to lau gai a lot because the king (ur dad) always don't let u eat sushi since sushi is bigger than ur mouth and he is afraid that u might choke on it therefore in this life, ur mouth grow a lil bit bigger and revenge time against those innocent sushis rite??? :D

  2. =.=" you always come up with such brilliant comments! Always make me speechless but if you're around, i would have whacked you already. I might be a japanese princess before and you could be some normal citizen (sushi chef perhaps) that i fell in love with but never had a chance to be together.. that's why we meet again in this life :)

    When i'm around, u can reduce my anger by taking me to eat sushi... but what if we're apart? What are you going to do?

  3. when ur not around, i can wait for u to come back and take u to sushi once again ma. or u can go hunt sushi ta pau it back. i do the same and we eat together in webcam lo :D

    sushi bee, do u still wanna taste 2219 for the last time before u go back switz ma? :(

  4. Ahhhhh dear, Starhill!!! I used to go there everytime I went down to KL with my paradise for my parents but a boring place for me, hahaha. XD Is this makan place at the very bottom floor of the place, where got mixture of food types one? Like this Japanese one, then Chinese on another side, another type on another side? I remember got such a place but I don't remember eating here before...all your yummy sushi pictures makes me want to go there and try EVERYTHING!!! :DDDDD

  5. Hi dear! Didn't know your parents go Starhill also coz last time you told me that you ALWAYS go KLCC only.. lol.. well, i'm not sure about that coz this japanese buffet is on the top floor of starhill. The ground floor, got quite a lot of restaurants wor.. so i'm not really sure which one also. eh, the next time you go, u can try out this one.. not bad, just a bit pricey.